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3 Simple Ways to Monitor Your Reputation Online

Our first few segments dealing with managing your reputation online brought in some great reader responses. The most common question asked was, “How do I keep track of what’s being said about me online?” While there are companies who will charge a pretty penny to watch your online rep like a hawk, we’ve got a much simpler solution that you can do yourself.

This short video reveals 3 quick tips to monitor your reputation online.


Etna Launches Call Tracking Service

As you increase your investment in online marketing, it becomes increasingly important to precisely track the return on these investments. In response to your requests for greater accuracy in online lead tracking, Etna now offers trackable local and toll free numbers.

Each number is a flat $60 per month and is full of features. In addition to counting calls originating on your site, the Call Tracking Service will front each call with an automated message announcing that the call is from a Web lead. It can’t get any easier for your staff to enter the proper referral source in your practice management software. Plus, we can easily enable a call recording feature to help you measure the quality of staff phone interactions and target your training. We also have the ability to play a pre-recorded promotional message while the caller waits to be connected.

There’s no limit to how you might use the numbers. Use one on your Web site to track Web leads. Add another to your email newsletters to measure how email marketing drives direct response. Order another for your yellow page ad or print marketing (it doesn’t have to be on the Web) to measure the success of offline marketing efforts.

Call your account manager at 866-374-3762 for more information about this great new service.

Featured Project –

Dallas Rhinoplasty Web SiteWorking with an extensive library of video and a rich olive and plum palette, Etna Interactive delivered an extreme online makeover for Dr. Campanile and La Belleza Cosmetic Center & Day Spa. In just a few short months the site has gone from invisible to unavoidable in the Ft. Myers search market.

Head on out to take a look at this handsome new site. Just click here to visit

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