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Category Archives: Copywriting

Do Two Changes at Google Mean You Have to Change Your Procedure Pages?

As Google strives to better understand exactly what a searcher may be looking for, it may seem harder to achieve and maintain page one rankings within search results. In our latest blog, CEO Ryan Miller discusses two changes impacting how search result rankings appear on Google and what this may mean for you and the content on your website. Follow… Continue Reading

3 Opportunities to Blog Effectively – Content

Watch part 1: 3 Opportunities to Blog Effectively – Headlines Creating engaging blog content makes it easier for potential patients to understand what differentiates your practice and products. From formatting text to connecting your social media properties, there are countless tips and tricks for making sure your blog is seen. This video touches on 3 opportunities for developing engaging blog… Continue Reading

3 Opportunities to Blog Effectively – Headlines

With a significant increase in interest for content marketing comes a corresponding rise in the amount of digital content that readers see on a daily basis. To stand out among the many headlines a person has to choose from, it’s important to understand how to tailor blog headlines to attract readers. This video touches on 3 opportunities for creating effective… Continue Reading

Our Best Source of Marketing Writing Topics: You!

Part of my role as an editor here at Etna is to come up with topic ideas for the news releases, blog posts, and articles that we write for our clients. These help get lots of published material out there to earn quality links back to our clients’ sites. Let me tell you, generating interesting, relevant marketing writing topics month… Continue Reading

From Newspapers to Web Marketing: Crossing Enemy Lines

Anyone who’s ever been through a university journalism or marketing program can attest to this: The news kids aren’t exactly best buddies with the marketing crew. The news folks think the marketers are truth-twisting manipulators, and the marketers say the newsies are self-righteous, didactic nerds. Well I’m a little bit of both. That gap-bridging contradiction took graduation, 4 years in… Continue Reading

Marketing Writing: Topic Generation X, Y, Z

Blogs, articles, press releases, and most other forms of marketing writing for our clients begin with the development of an initial topic. Outwardly simple, generating effective topics is often one of the most difficult aspects of the writing process. Stating the Obvious Simply put, topics should clearly distinguish the direction of content. The writer provides a reference point for ensuring… Continue Reading

Our Love/Hate Relationship with SEO

I’d like to tell you that our writers love search engine optimization (SEO), but that wouldn’t be entirely true. In reality, most good Web copywriters have a love/hate relationship with those pesky keywords. It would be much easier to write eloquent prose without having to incorporate the sometimes-awkward phrases that attract the search engines like some sort of morphemic magnet.… Continue Reading

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