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Horizons in Online Marketing Part 1 of 6: Concierge Medicine

  In this first of six parts, Etna Interactive explores emerging trends in online medical marketing and strategies your practice can implement today to improve patient care and increase local market advantage. This first segment explores the emergence and evolution of Concierge Medicine and actions to consider today to leverage technology in the service of your patients. The first thing… Continue Reading

What Should I Do to Promote My Website Offline?

What should I be doing to promote my new website offline? There’s more to promoting your website than search engine marketing.  Many of your patients will find your site thanks to the efforts you make offline.  Here’s a quick checklist of what you can do in the real world to make the most of your investment online.  Around the Office… Continue Reading

Online Press Release vs. Media Press Release

Is it better to do an online press release than a press release in the news or print media? That’s a big question. So I’ll take an out with an easy answer. Whether you are distributing your press release online or off, we recommend the following Keep your press release under 350 words Take the time to write it well;… Continue Reading

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