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How do I update my password in Outlook?

How do I update Outlook after I reset my password?

This post is for users of most versions of Microsoft Outlook.  If you are prompted by Outlook to re-enter your password follow the instructions below.

Do You Know Your Password?

If you already know your user name and password, or if you have recently reset your password by visiting, follow the instructions below.  If you have lost your password and need assistance please call 866-374-3762.

Updating Your Internet E-mail Settings in Outlook

Open Outlook.  Outlook will automatically attempt to receive e-mail.  If your credentials need updating, Outlook will present you with a prompt to enter your user name and password.

The server listed should be ‘’  Do not change this setting.

Your user name should not have changed.  Do not change this setting.

Update your password and check the box to ‘Save this password in your password list.’

Click the ‘OK’ button.

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