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A Personal Touch With Real Patient Photos

The stock photo rut. Many designers have been there and few have escaped with their sanity. Hours and hours can be spent clicking through endless pages of photos in search of the perfect model image for a new Web design. Age, hair color, skin tone, clothing (or lack thereof), facial expressions, and setting are all things taken into consideration, and I often find myself using the same photos over and over. While these photos look great and “work,” it becomes increasingly difficult to make a site stand out from the rest when the same models are seen repeatedly.

When Dr. Sean Bidic from American Surgical Arts came to Etna asking for a site redesign focusing on real patients and real photos, I got a little giddy knowing I didn’t have to make a visit to a stock photography site. But that feeling was followed by a slight pang of panic. Absolutely no stock photos? What if I don’t have enough variety for the whole site? What if there are only two or three patients being featured? This had the potential of being more challenging than just searching for unique stock photos in the first place.

However, this wasn’t the first time Etna has built a site focusing on real patient photos. In fact, Dr. Bidic drew inspiration from a site that recently launched for Plastic Surgery Associates of Santa Rosa. Dr. Canales and Dr. Furnas held a comprehensive photo shoot that captured each featured patient’s unique transformation against the backdrop of the beautiful wine country. The photos, paired with the slogan “Real Women, Real Stories,” made for an engaging and personal Web experience.


Luckily for me, Dr. Bidic also provided amazing professional photos of not two, not three, but SEVEN real patients, accompanied with compelling testimonials. As I edited the photos for the website, I also read the patients stories and immediately knew that the practice was all about educating patients, helping them make the right decision specific to their needs, and being there for them during an emotionally and physically stressful time in their lives.

Check out the site here!

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