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Then & Now: The Evolution of Web Content Marketing

With the vast number of media channels available today, consumers have the power to make decisions that drive market trends. Now more than ever, consumers are in control of what they watch, read, and share. When consumers are unengaged with the content on one particular channel, they can easily move to another. The days when marketers were able to simply buy media and advertise it to mass audiences are a thing of the past. Search engine-optimized copywriting that “magically” places keywords in just the right locations and densities to earn top rankings, regardless of content quality, is quickly diminishing. Now, it’s all about content.

Although paid media and keywords still have their place, it is becoming more important for marketers and copywriters to earn their audience through unique, engaging, and authoritative content. Brands and service providers now have the opportunity to engage consumers with a story. Consequently, a compelling story will engage more consumer interest and have a higher return on investment over time.

Elements of Successful Content Marketing

First and foremost, successful content marketing builds trust between the provider and consumer. When executed correctly, content demonstrates to consumers that the provider cares about educating and building relationships with them.

In addition to building trust with the consumer, content marketing should aim to tell a compelling story that will resonate with the audience. Good content will attract links naturally because, simply put, people share what interests them. If your content is good, people will share it through additional channels such as email, social media, blogs, and websites. Not to mention, Google likes it when other people link to your content. That means the more people who share your quality content, the higher it will rank in Google’s search results. Don’t forget, an effective balance between traditional link building and content marketing aims for quality over quantity of links.

In essence, SEO copywriting that once revolved around keyword-stuffing, title tags, and exact match domains is now about compelling content — content that evokes response and favorable reader action.

The Bottom Line

Marketers and copywriters who are successful in creating valuable and relevant branded content for their specific target audience will keep consumers engaged throughout the buying cycle and, in turn, build trust, foster stronger relationships, and generate more leads. In summary, aim to produce compelling, valuable content that resonates with a target audience and enriches the Web as a whole.

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