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709 Fiero Lane, Suite 43
/ San Luis Obispo, CA 93401
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A great job in San Luis Obispo


Etna’s culture is as remarkable as its expertise in the marketing industry. When we hire, we prioritize traits that make us great humans, then seek the specific skills and aptitudes.

We are truly all about balance at Etna. To be successful here, you need to be able to work hard while you are here, produce a high-quality product, stay curious about all that you do, let your hair down a little, and be ready to head home once your 8 hours are in. We are community volunteers, parents, gamers, yoga instructors, students, surfers, and more. We don’t just promote a healthy work-life balance, we embody it. This creates a productive, happy culture worth being a part of. We have an environment that does expect excellence, but also breaks to celebrate with one another.

At Etna, we understand that it begins and ends with our people. Take the first step in becoming an Etnan by applying to an exciting position today!

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Considering Relocating?

Escape the traffic, the smog, and the rat race in general when you work for us in San Luis Obispo. Find a little peace and balance with a job that offers more than most corporate giants…but still remains within driving distance of San Francisco or Los Angeles.

Our happy town

If you live in San Luis Obispo, you happen to live in the happiest place in North America. Just ask Oprah or the writers at National Geographic. Honestly, it’s pretty amazing here. Check out this great article about San Luis Obispo County that was published by US Airways or check out our SLO Visitor’s Guide.

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