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Monthly Archives: April 2013

Patient Referral Survey Yields Pretty ‘Cool’ Result

Wondering about which product generates the most patient referrals? So were we. As a data-driven company, we satisfy our curiosity by gathering information relevant to our clients’ needs. That’s why we recently surveyed 50 medical practices and asked them which aesthetic medical device or aesthetic pharmaceutical product prompted patients to contact them. The eye-opening results might surprise you. emerged… Continue Reading

Our Love/Hate Relationship with SEO

I’d like to tell you that our writers love search engine optimization (SEO), but that wouldn’t be entirely true. In reality, most good Web copywriters have a love/hate relationship with those pesky keywords. It would be much easier to write eloquent prose without having to incorporate the sometimes-awkward phrases that attract the search engines like some sort of morphemic magnet.… Continue Reading

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