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Monthly Archives: July 2012

What are “off page” factors?

I keep hearing about “off page” or “off the page” factors that can influence my search engine positioning.  What does that mean? Search engines look at more than just your web pages when determining your positioning; they also look “off page” for clues about your site’s quality and your reputation in the industry.  But the term itself — “off page” … Continue Reading

Can you build an animated Splash Page for my new site?

Can you build an animated Splash Page for my new site? If you mean, “are you technically capable of building a Flash animated introduction page for my new site?” The answer would be, “Yes.”  Would we recommend a Splash Page?  Absolutely not! There are two main reasons why we recommend against having one of those sexy Splash pages. Reason 1:… Continue Reading

Why do my search engine positions move constantly?

I’m a bit obsessed. I check my search engine positions all the time, and they seem to constantly change. Why is that? There are a lot of reasons why search engine rankings fluctuate. New sites are picked up by the search engines. Competing sites change elements of their pages that impact ranking. Most importantly, the search engines are constantly shifting… Continue Reading

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