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Engage prospective patients with the all-in-one gallery that effortlessly highlights your before-and-after cases on any device.

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Showcase Your Best Work on Every Device

You create impressive results for your patients, and your photo gallery is the proof. A stellar photo gallery is one of the most powerful tools available for increasing your customer conversion rate. Etna Interactive has created the only photo gallery you'll ever need—one that solves your most common challenges, provides a better user experience, and delivers measurable performance.

Curator B&A Benefits for Your Practice

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Drag & Drop Uploader

Curate a stunning before-and-after collection in just a few clicks with our easy to use drag-and-drop image uploader. Select featured cases for prominent display.

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Cropping Made Simple

Consistently cropped images can translate to trust and credibility. Our cropping tool helps you keep proportions consistent for a superior user experience.

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Image Stitching

Stitching before and after photos into one single image means web users will always see them side-by-side, never separate.

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Custom Watermarking

Make your brand stand out online while protecting your images from theft and misuse by automatically watermarking them with your logo, branding, or a text indicator.

Auto-Image Optimization

One-third of all web searches are for images, so we’ve built Curator B&A with search engines in mind. Users will more easily find your photos in top search results.

Advanced Search & Filter

In just a few clicks, users can easily filter out any unrelated results and quickly find the cases that make sense for their needs.

Mobile Usability

With advanced mobile responsive design and an intuitive layout, mobile users will see the best of your work and navigate with the ease of a swipe, pinch, or tap.

Image Favoriting

Users can easily add their favorite before-and-after cases to a personalized list for later viewing and sharing.

Archive & Optimize

We “future-proof” your gallery by automatically storing two versions of your image—the original upload and an optimized version—that incorporate any updates such as watermark, cropping, or image stitching.

Built for Wordpress

Designed specifically for websites built in WordPress, Curator B&A leverages the exceptional functionality and usability of the world’s most popular website CMS.

Content Delivery Network

Curator B&A leverages a Content Delivery Network (CDN)—an image acceleration and optimization service that provides consistently faster load times by serving images from cloud-based servers near each user.

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