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Working with SQL Parameters in Cold Fusion

Most modern Web application frameworks provide native mechanics to protect databases from undesirable SQL execution. Cold Fusion’s answer to input sanitization is the tag cfqueryparam that is only valid inside a cfquery block. It is not a newcomer to the language but I will still from time to time see it being underutilized. It is... Continue Reading

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What Your Closet Can Teach You About Web Marketing

Your clothes closet is a mangled mess again. Getting ready in the morning is a hanger-wrestling feat, and you’re afraid to let small children and pets near the closet doors in fear of losing them forever. It’s time for a spring cleaning. Like your closet, your website and its marketing tactics need some thorough attention.... Continue Reading

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Email Marketing: It’s Time Well Spent

A common question we hear on the marketing team: Why does it take so long to send out an email? It comes up often, and I don’t blame clients for asking. It seems like an email campaign should take an hour or two, at most. Well, that’s not the case and for good reason. Behind... Continue Reading

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4 Keys to a Great Online Photo Gallery

A picture is worth a thousand words - and in the plastic surgery industry, you’re only as good as your last facelift or breast augmentation case. If your plastic surgery practice were a retail store, your online photo gallery would be your front window display. The before and after pictures you post on your website... Continue Reading

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