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Monthly Archives: November 2012

How Many Domain Names (Web Addresses) Should I Have For My Site?

For this question we’ll paraphrase what we get asked almost daily by new clients, “How many domain names (web addresses) should I have for my site?” The short answer is, “EXACTLY ONE”.  If your one domain name has an obvious phonetic variation, then you might need a second domain (for example and Here’s the quick and dirty explanation… Continue Reading

Horizons in Online Marketing Part 3 of 6: Reputation Management

[videoPlayer src=”/videos/reputation-management.mp4″ thumbnail=”/images/video-screenshot-reputation-management.jpg” width=”526″ height=”286″ duration=”544″]   A negative review posted online can feel like a knife in the back. The angst is amplified when you suspect the review was posted by a former employee or a competitor. With HIPAA and PIPEDA limiting how health care providers can manage their reputations online it is easy to feel helpless and hopeless.… Continue Reading

How Do I Decide Who to Exchange Links With?

I get solicitations for link exchange all day long.  How do I decide who to exchange links with? Remember that links from your site to any business will be viewed by your visitors and patients as an endorsement. Here’s a quick test for link exchanges: Does the site offer accurate information that will benefit your patients or clients? Is the… Continue Reading

Can You Explain Link Building in Under 50 Words?

I was offering one client too much information (as usual) on a call the other day when he fired back with, “Can you explain link building in 50 words or less?” I get so many questions about Link Building from the cosmetic surgeons, physicians, and medical spas we serve that I’m often forced to chop up this very complex topic… Continue Reading

Horizons in Online Marketing Part 2 of 6: Social Media and the Medical Practice

  In this second of six parts, Etna Interactive explores how the evolution of social media and socially-inspired search engine results will impact medical practices. We look in to the future to forecast three likely implications and suggest strategies you can employ today to stay ahead of the curve. If you are a longtime subscriber to our newsletter, you know… Continue Reading

How Do I Check My Email Settings?

How do I make sure my email settings are correct in Microsoft Outlook? This post shows the correct settings in Microsoft Outlook for your e-mail account. We reference screen shots from Microsoft Outlook 2003, but these settings are similar in other versions of Microsoft Outlook so you should be able to reference this even if you are using a different… Continue Reading

Hot Topics for Consumer Blog Posts, Articles, and Press Releases

Etna encourages content creation.  So what should you write about? Recent changes in how search engines assign rankings mean that original and interesting content is more important than ever.  And with the advent of “authorship” on Google, healthcare professionals must embrace the fact that Google sees you as an author first and a doctor second. Here are few ideas that… Continue Reading

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