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With our professional on-site photo and video shoot, your team, your patients, and your facility take center stage.

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Shine a Spotlight on What's Best About Your Practice

You've built a practice you can be proud of. Etna Interactive helps you showcase it in your marketing materials with a carefully coordinated professional on-site video and photo shoot. We call it Spotlight Photo+Video, and it lets you reap the benefits of custom photo and video without the headaches.

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See the Spotlight Photo+Video Difference

Set Yourself Apart From the Competition

We know that web users largely ignore stock photography and purely decorative imagery. When your marketing features real photos of your space, your providers, and your patients, your brand stands out in a sea of generic stock photos and model images.

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Get a Top-Notch Photo & Video Shoot Without the Hassle

Spotlight Photo+Video comes with built-in support from our web designers and photographers, all of whom have extensive aesthetic industry experience. You'll get shot lists, tips for preparing, and everything you need to ensure stunning visuals that capture your brand.

Turn Prospects Into Patients

Studies show that consumers look for photos and testimonials from real patients when choosing a provider. Spotlight Photo+Video gives them both through the smiling faces of real people just like them.

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Leverage Photo & Video Assets to Enhance Future Marketing Efforts

You'll get more than a beautiful website from your photo shoot. You'll own a library of photo and video assets to amplify your marketing across numerous channels, including social media, blogs, email campaigns, brochures, print advertising, e-books—the possibilities are nearly endless.

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“I wanted to reach out with a most sincere THANK YOU for sending Terry and Cody to take care of our project today. They were prompt, friendly, and professional. They both provided excellent guidance to my team on how to work with the camera, engage with sincerity, and feel genuinely confident that they would look great on camera.”

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-BrittanyWhite Orchid Spa

It Really IS This Easy

Having a hard time imagining how this could work at your practice? Don't worry, we've coordinated photo/video shoots for busy practices all over the country. Here's how we make it easy for you:

  • We'll get clear on your vision and develop a shot list.
  • We orchestrate the shoot with our professional, 2-person team.
  • We guide and support you to ensure the success of your shoot.

We handle the scheduling and coordination, and execute a full-scale professional photo and video shoot, all without interruption to your normal operations. We'll ensure your shoot is tailored to your creative style and business goals, resulting in hundreds of compelling images and video clips to bring your marketing to life.

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  • Will scheduling be a hassle?

    No! Our goal is to take the burden of scheduling and coordination off your plate so that you can focus on a fun, productive photo and video shoot. We will need your input on dates and times that work, but beyond that, we handle all the details.

  • Will I have to shut down the office?

    No. The beauty of Spotlight Photo+Video is that our team of professionals carefully manages the logistics of executing a full-scale photo and video shoot with minimal inconvenience to you, your team, and your patients. We understand the importance of maintaining “business as usual,” and we coordinate with your team to ensure that operations proceed without interruption.

  • Will this be a big distraction at my practice?

    Our team has years of experience producing excellent creative in the medical field. They are well versed in the daily dynamics of practices, patients, and busy doctor and staff schedules. They will expertly plan around your needs, while still getting the most from your photo and video shoot.

  • Will the end result be worth it?

    The answer from our clients who have purchased Spotlight Photo+Video is a resounding YES. You can expect increased engagement with your website, enhanced consumer trust in your brand, and a constant stream of positive feedback from site visitors and patients. Beyond a stellar website, you'll own a cache of photo and video assets for unlimited use in marketing efforts across numerous channels.

  • How will custom imagery help my marketing?

    Here's what the data says: Experts agree that images of your staff and patients are nearly twice as effective as stock images at capturing what your brand stands for and turning site visitors into patients. While stock images are mostly ignored online, authentic, original imagery actually engages and increases consumer trust. Original video can transform your practice in the eyes of your target audience from an abstract concept to a personal experience—one in which they can see themselves.

Ready for More From Your Marketing?

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