Social Media Marketing for Medical Practices & Spas

Kaitlin King-Lamas
Kaitlin King-Lamas
Senior Manager of Marketing Operations

For doctors and aesthetics professionals it has always been true: Your clients want to form a personal relationship with you because they are entrusting you with their care. Today, that relationship begins online — long before they ever visit you in person.

Everyone’s online habits are a little different, of course, but if there’s a place we all converge, it’s on social media platforms. While some of our clients have been skeptical after their own attempts at social media marketing produced lackluster results, we have made believers out of them. Etna has tested, measured, and identified strategies that help you maintain relationships, build your reputation, and attract new patients through social media.

Unlike other marketing channels, on social media we can reach the friends of current patients, extend your geographic reach, and speak directly to your target audience. What you choose to share there has a powerful effect on how your practice is perceived, and a little strategic thinking goes a long way.

Benefits of a Good Social Media Strategy

It’s so much more than posting.
If it’s done right, social media marketing is a powerful lead generation tool that’s also your followers’ window into your practice. It’s where they can get to know you. It’s where your brand voice really comes alive. And outside the walls of your office, it’s where you establish trust.

So how do you do all of that? Well, it requires consistency, authenticity, staff and patient involvement, and expertise. Here are just a few ways:

  • Offering the expert advice you’re uniquely qualified to give
  • Sharing office antics
  • Giving your followers a first look at any monthly specials
  • Involving your followers by asking questions or running contests
  • Responding quickly and effectively to any comments, tweets, tags, etc.

Remember, too, that your social media followers have given you permission to be a part of their daily lives, often because they’re your existing clients and they want to stay informed about your practice. An effective social media strategy honors that by striking the right balance. It’s important to offer content that’s informative and relevant — both to new and returning patients — without overtly selling something in every post.

Dr. David Mabrie
Etna doesn't just keep up with industry changes, they keep ahead of them."
Dr. David Mabrie
Dr. David Mabrie

Here’s Our Approach to Social Media

Like all strategies we employ for our aesthetic and health care clients, when it comes to social media, we make it measurable. The success of your social media branding strategy is measured in ROI – something we’ve proven time and time again.

Social media platforms are synonymous with customer service and reputation management, too. We continuously monitor what followers are saying, responding when we feel we can and alerting the practice when we feel you can say something more impactful. And increasingly, social media is a place to garner reviews from happy patients.

We also provide training and staff development for social media channels, so that you can feel more confident about posting. We can also help you expand your efforts to things like streaming events at the practice via Facebook Live or partnering with social media influencers or local businesses on Instagram.

We do uncommonly good work based on customized strategy, but that’s just the beginning.

The Etna Approach

Build Your Brand, Inspire Your Followers

At Etna, we’re always thinking in terms of partnership, and that’s equally true when we think about the way all your marketing channels work together.

A well-crafted social media campaign, for instance, will do a lot more than reach your Facebook followers. It will also grow your email marketing list, send prospective patients to your website, and give your content marketing pieces a bigger and broader audience.

It all comes back to giving the patient a richer and fuller experience with your practice, from your Facebook page or Instagram feed all the way to your consultation room.

A Reputation Built on Results

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What to Expect

You deserve to know what you’re going to get from an online marketing partner, and we are happy to ease your mind by breaking it down for you.

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