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Though its code seems to be pretty standard, Arkansas throws a bit of a wrinkle into healthcare marketing on medical websites by potentially penalizing physicians who advertise the quality of their medical services. Since "quality" is such a vague word, this could make it very difficult to legally highlight your practice's high levels of care... Continue Reading


It appears that Arizona makes it a little tricky for physicians thinking of marketing medical services. Not only must the physician himself avoid engaging in false, fraudulent, deceptive, or misleading advertising, he also must ensure his staff, employer, or representatives advertise in an appropriate manner. This might create additional risk for a surgeon who delegates... Continue Reading


A big state like Texas deserves a big statute on medical marketing, right? Well, the Lone Star State really delivered with this collection of rules on healthcare PR and marketing. While the regulations are long, they are very clear about what physicians need to do to stay on the right side of the law, offering... Continue Reading


Though Hawaii is such an unusual and spectacular state, healthcare PR and marketing restrictions in Hawaii seem to be a lot like those on the mainland. Medical websites there need to avoid false, fraudulent, or deceptive advertising, which is never a hard thing for us to achieve for our clients. For more nuances of Hawaii... Continue Reading


As you can see when you view Florida's administrative code and statutes (see the reference citations below), the Sunshine State has passed extensive regulations of medical marketing campaigns. The rulemakers seem particularly concerned with making sure a physician claiming to be "board-certified" has received certification from a reputable board, and also that physicians appropriately use... Continue Reading


Connecticut doesn't appear to have specific restrictions on healthcare marketing, but that doesn't mean a physician there should start claiming he has a cure for cancer. Connecticut physicians are still obligated not to engage in fraudulent or deceptive conduct in the course of professional services or activities. Talk with your legal counsel to find out... Continue Reading


Alaska may be a land of extremes, but when it comes to healthcare marketing, its statute is pretty run-of-the-mill. The state forbids false or misleading healthcare advertising of services by a licensee. Talk with your legal counsel to make sure you're following all relevant laws. More Information Oversight Body:... Continue Reading


Alabama has a fairly typical medical marketing statute, suspending, revoking, or restricting the license of any practitioners who make false or deceptive statements about their qualifications or treatment results. This law should create relatively few barriers to medical website design for reputable surgeons, but as always, discuss your specific situtation with your legal counsel. More... Continue Reading

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