Monthly Archives: February 2013

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Software Development Methodologies for Web Application Development

Delivering complex Web applications on time and on budget is a difficult engineering task. It requires that the engineer be conscious of the big picture - the client’s business case - and the individual components that make up the larger system. Each individual line of code helps realize the larger vision and serves the client.... Continue Reading

Etna Interactive

It’s All About Content

A topic that is often discussed and sometimes misunderstood by online marketers is the idea of content and how it relates to what matters most to you as a business owner – the bottom line. The traditional model for publicity is one based around interruption and succeeds in holding a consumer’s attention for a short... Continue Reading

Etna Interactive

Why I Love Social Media

Besides social media being ever-changing and a unique experience for each person, it’s also about creating a connection, building trust and inadvertent marketing. And this is why I love it. Creating a Connection Never before has creating a connection with customers been more fun and more personable. Social media allows us to speak to customers... Continue Reading

Ready for More From Your Marketing?

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