Core Lead Management

Know the source and value of each lead and track the return on each marketing investment.

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A Lead Management Multi-Tasker

A good strategic marketing plan should result in a full schedule for each of your providers. Effective strategy relies on knowing which marketing efforts are generating productive leads. At Etna Interactive, we’ve tackled the challenge of determining the volume, quality, and source of leads with our proprietary lead management system. Core Lead Management features an easy auditing program that allows you to signal which leads become patients and to identify which channels are producing value, and how you can improve conversion.


Focus on the activities that transform leads into patients.

Hassle-free Lead Management That Works

Core Lead Management has proven so valuable, it’s a standard feature in every Etna Interactive marketing plan. Our clients appreciate all the ways it contributes to the measurable growth of their practices.

The HIPAA-compliant Core system tracks the referral source for each new lead. All data is securely stored and available for periodic audits. You’ll never wonder again if your online marketing is paying off, and we’ll have the data we need to deliver continuous performance improvement.

Secure Your Data

Secure lead storage and nightly lead summary reporting ensures you’ll never miss another patient inquiry.

Get the Big Picture of Your Lead Sources

Core Lead Management works across all channels and integrates with Call Tracking to let you get a clear view of where each of your inquiries is originating.

Achieve Truly Measurable ROI

With Core Lead Management, you can easily audit leads and obtain ROI metrics for each of your marketing channels.

Increase Return on Marketing Spend

Knowing which lead sources are most profitable enables you to focus your investment and get more from your marketing dollars.

Monitor Performance and Set Goals

Core Lead Management empowers you to benchmark your practice’s performance and see how you stack up to similar practices across North America. Conversion data and performance trends can help reveal areas for improvement or provide cause for celebration.

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