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Pay-Per-Lead Medical Marketing

Are pay-per-lead marketing programs legal? An emerging trend in medical marketing treats patients like commodities and puts medical professionals in serious legal peril.  Pay per lead programs, a popular form of online affiliate marketing, are popping up like weeds in the elective healthcare industry.  These programs charge a set fee for the name and contact... Continue Reading

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How Do I Decide Who to Exchange Links With?

I get solicitations for link exchange all day long.  How do I decide who to exchange links with? Remember that links from your site to any business will be viewed by your visitors and patients as an endorsement. Here’s a quick test for link exchanges: Does the site offer accurate information that will benefit your... Continue Reading

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Can You Explain Link Building in Under 50 Words?

I was offering one client too much information (as usual) on a call the other day when he fired back with, “Can you explain link building in 50 words or less?” I get so many questions about Link Building from the cosmetic surgeons, physicians, and medical spas we serve that I’m often forced to chop... Continue Reading

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Are Search Engine Submission Services Worthwhile?

I've received more than a few emails from services offering to submit my site to thousands of search engines for under $100. Are these services worthwhile and will they help my search engine positioning? Yours is a great question.  I can't believe it hasn't come up before now.  E-mail solicitations like the ones you mention... Continue Reading

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How do I select the right online directories for my business?

I'm getting ready to go to an industry conference and I know that the online directory sales people will be all over me. How do I make a smart choice about which directories to invest in for my practice? Over the last ten years we've analyzed in detail hundreds of websites offering to send patients... Continue Reading

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