What to Expect

What to Expect

Surprises are nice, but when it comes to your medical practice marketing, you want predictability and transparency. You deserve to know what you can expect from us, so let us spell it out for you.

You’ve probably already picked up on this: we’re not the company to call if you want to “set it and forget it.” We will ask for your involvement. We will always respect your time and try to minimize our requests, but this is a partnership. Your success – and ours – depend on a team approach.

  • The Initial Contact

    If you’re a prospective client, you’ll likely call or email us to request your free online marketing assessment. Someone will get back to you promptly to schedule this. You’ll be speaking directly with our Business Development Associate, Mark, or our President, Ryan Miller.

    Prepare to spend about an hour on the phone answering questions about your business, your goals, your target market, your current website (if applicable), and much more as it relates to your online marketing.

    If we think we can help you achieve your business goals, we will let you know. If you are interested, we will prepare a proposal and transmit it to you within a week. If we think you’re better off working with another vendor, we’ll recommend one or more of our qualified peers. If we can offer you any advice that helps you to be more successful, you can count on us to do that.

  • First Days

    After we receive your signed proposal and deposit, we roll up our sleeves and get to work for you. We carefully manage every aspect of your transfer. Your dedicated account executive takes a deep dive to explore all the details of your account.

    We seek first to understand, and we lead with that deep discovery, identifying opportunities, developing goals, and laying out an initial strategy that leads right into marketing. We gather the data and set up tools to give us great insight in the future.

Dr. Todd Hobgood
I’ve worked with two other agencies; Etna knew more about me in just three days than any of my past partners did in years."
Dr. Todd Hobgood
Dr. Todd Hobgood
  • Monthly

    Our strategists and specialists are executing and monitoring the tactics in your integrated marketing plan. Your account executive delivers proactive performance reporting to keep us accountable, and provides smart advice and partnership to you and your team.

    You have full access to our responsive team whenever you have questions or need support. As-needed requests (maintenance items) are addressed thoughtfully and in a timely manner.

  • Half-Yearly

    Our best minds convene at a Marketing Strategy Meeting to evaluate your goals and our progress under the direction of your account executive. Think of it like your oral exams. We review the data on what’s working and where we see opportunities. We refine goals and adjust course to stay aligned with our targets for your business growth.

  • Yearly

    We work with you to review data and set new online goals that directly support your broader business objectives. Your account executive will help you determine an appropriate marketing budget for your goals and present you with an integrated plan for the best application of that budget. As we build trust based on measurable growth and excellent customer care, our partnership deepens. At this point, clients are typically eager to embrace new services and exploit new opportunities based on our guidance.

  • Future

    We often say that we “play the long game,” meaning we build enduring partnership and develop strategies that grow with our clients. You may reach a point where growth is no longer a priority; in that case, we discuss whether you still require the services of a dedicated account executive or Etna. You may choose to adjust your level of service with us, or you may choose to move on to a different vendor.

    Should we decide to part ways, you have our full support, and you own all your assets. We will make every effort to help you transition to the next phase of your online marketing smoothly and successfully.

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