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Monthly Archives: October 2013

Is RealSelf in Cahoots With Google?

Many have heard about Google’s August algorithm update, nicknamed “Hummingbird.” But have you stopped to think about who stands to benefit most from Google’s ability to better process “natural language” search queries? Google might argue that you and I, the searching public, are the big winners. I would argue that RealSelf is the biggest beneficiary in the aesthetic industry. For those unfamiliar… Continue Reading

Google’s Hummingbird and the Implications for Your Office

For the first time in 12 years, Google has changed its “recipe” for rankings. Code named “Hummingbird,” this algorithm swap has changed the rankings game in a couple of important ways. In this video, I’m joined by Etna’s Director of Marketing, Scott Feldman, who’ll offer some strategic advice for leveraging Google’s algorithm update to help raise or maintain your site’s… Continue Reading

Building Websites for Retina Displays

If you have ever browsed the Web on an Apple device with a Retina Display, you have probably seen websites with fuzzy graphics and “pixel-y” text. It is unattractive but understandable. Websites are still being built primarily for standard displays, because that is how the vast majority of people view the Web. With the increasing popularity of devices with Retina… Continue Reading


User interface (UI) and user experience (UX) are terms thrown around involving the “look and feel” of websites, but understanding their difference and their interaction is vital to the creation of a successful website. Both apply broadly to human-machine interaction and both can decide how users not only find information, but also how they perceive it. The Basics As computers… Continue Reading

From Newspapers to Web Marketing: Crossing Enemy Lines

Anyone who’s ever been through a university journalism or marketing program can attest to this: The news kids aren’t exactly best buddies with the marketing crew. The news folks think the marketers are truth-twisting manipulators, and the marketers say the newsies are self-righteous, didactic nerds. Well I’m a little bit of both. That gap-bridging contradiction took graduation, 4 years in… Continue Reading

6 Reasons to Still Use Facebook Applications

After years of preaching the importance of running a campaign on a third-party application, Facebook has lifted its promotional guidelines. It is now possible for page admins to create and run promotions directly on the Timeline. As we suspected, policing approximately 15 million business pages to make sure they were running promotions according to the rules became too much to… Continue Reading

Looking Back Moves You Forward

As a project manager, my primary goal is to constantly improve production processes so that I can continue to meet — and hopefully exceed — internal and client expectations. Although there are many tactics to fulfilling this goal, I feel that a project post-mortem is the greatest opportunity at my fingertips and the most beneficial tool to my team and… Continue Reading

Link Building vs. Content Marketing in a New Age of SEO

It’s no secret that the world of SEO is constantly changing and evolving, and with that ever-changing nature there are bound to be some debates along the way. One issue that’s been a hot topic of discussion among optimizers and online marketers at large is the convergence of link building and content marketing in a new age of Pandas and… Continue Reading

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