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Monthly Archives: November 2013

4 Ways Your Facebook Business Page is Like a Toddler

From the moment your Facebook business Page was created, it has been your “baby.” You marvel at each milestone, checking on it around the clock and finding pleasure in watching it grow. But then, something happens. I’d say it’s around the point of 150 “Likes.” You wake up one day and your Page is different. The Likes are harder to… Continue Reading

For Plastic Surgeons, Google May Be More Important Than Previously Thought

While it probably won’t surprise you to hear that Google drives more search engine traffic than Bing or Yahoo to aesthetic medical practices, you may be surprised to hear just how much more. For the first 2 quarters of 2013, Etna analyzed website traffic patterns for 15 board-certified plastic surgeons. And, while comScore places Google’s market share at 66.9% of… Continue Reading

Email Essentials Part 3: Use Automation to Accelerate Email Handling

In the final part of Email Essentials, I’ll show you how to use automation tools to improve the quality of customer service you’re delivering and the turnaround time on email messages. Review of Email Etiquette Respond promptly. Respond professionally. Protect patient privacy (and the practice). Email Automation Buy some time while still delivering great service. Cut email handling time while… Continue Reading

Email Essentials Part 2: In Business, Email Content Counts

In part 2 of Email Essentials, I’ll explain why getting the content of your email correspondence right is so important. What you say and how you say it matters greatly to prospective patients who are evaluating your level of competence and professionalism. Parts of a Professional Email Formal greeting Introduction Response to inquiry Soft self-promotion Invitation to the consultation Formal… Continue Reading

Email Essentials Part 1: Email Etiquette for the Medical Front Office

A 2011 study that examined the email response patterns of 114 aesthetic clinics showed that 36% failed to respond to new patient inquiries. In part one of Email Essentials I’ll explain how improved email etiquette can help your practice better retain leads. Email Etiquette Respond promptly (within 5 minutes!). You are 100 times less likely to connect with a lead… Continue Reading

High-End Recognition for a High-End Brand

Etna has earned the distinct honor of winning 2 Web design awards for the Dr. Brandt Dermatology Associates site this year. Not only did Dr. Brandt’s site win a WebAward for outstanding medical website, but it also won a gold Davey Award (in the middle) in the medical category. As an innovator and icon in the field of dermatology, Dr.… Continue Reading

The Mistake of Ignoring Mobile Users

Show of hands — who is reading this on a mobile phone right now? There is a very good chance that you are. If you are reading this several months after it is published, there is an even better chance that you are reading it on your phone. The adoption of the mobile Web is growing 8 times faster than… Continue Reading

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