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Boston Marathon Project Heal, Logo Development

Developing a typographic logo is a challenge to express an idea, in this case a cause, thorough the structure and quirks of letterforms. For this piece, the city of Boston provided the inspiration. From its expressive sports team logo marks to the vernacular lettering and rich history, a multitude of display faces were available to... Continue Reading

Etna Interactive

High-End Recognition for a High-End Brand

Etna has earned the distinct honor of winning 2 Web design awards for the WebAward for outstanding medical website, but it also won a gold A custom content management system dynamically displays major magazine publications, showcasing the practice's high profile and commitment to advancing technology. In the blog, readers learn about the latest trends in... Continue Reading

Etna Interactive


User interface (UI) and user experience (UX) are terms thrown around involving the "look and feel" of websites, but understanding their difference and their interaction is vital to the creation of a successful website. Both apply broadly to human-machine interaction and both can decide how users not only find information, but also how they perceive... Continue Reading

Etna Interactive

Lettering Logos

A graphic mark or emblem used by a business, organization, or individual to assist and promote quick visual recognition. Since the advent of desktop publishing the demand and recognition of lettering for logos has waned and yet as the digital world is cluttered with generic fonts and logos, those unique and custom drawn marks stand... Continue Reading

Etna Interactive

Typography Worth Celebrating

For the launch of the new site, a typographic hero graphic was needed to celebrate the company's 10 year anniversary. Exploring a few initial styles, I settled on a calligraphic approach and excitedly broke out my sketchbook, pencils, and calligraphy pens. Following this, its digitization brought challenges but also the ability to freely adjust spacing,... Continue Reading

Etna Interactive

Responsive Sites for a Mobile World

Before the use of mobile devices was as common as it is now, we would build a website either to be viewed on a desktop computer or to be visited via mobile devices. Yes, you can view the desktop site on your phone, but all of the content is tiny and it's hard to navigate... Continue Reading

Etna Interactive

Iconography 101

Along with the redesign of the Etna blog, graphics were needed to represent abstract topics from Google SEO to online product launches. Instead of using an assortment of stock photography, flat icon or symbol graphics similar to those used elsewhere on the site were opted for. From direct, text driven graphics to metaphors and playful... Continue Reading

Etna Interactive

Can you build an animated Splash Page for my new site?

Can you build an animated Splash Page for my new site? If you mean, "are you technically capable of building a Flash animated introduction page for my new site?" The answer would be, "Yes."  Would we recommend a Splash Page?  Absolutely not! There are two main reasons why we recommend against having one of those... Continue Reading

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