Monthly Archives: August 2013

Etna Interactive

New challenges and new opportunities to dominate Google’s first page

Over the past few months Google has kept us on our toes with several new updates that have created some challenges to maintaining/attaining first page ranking. However, these updates have also created some surprising opportunities. In this video, I’ll explain 5 ways you can leverage the whirlwind of recent changes at Google to indirectly secure... Continue Reading

Etna Interactive

Putting People First on Social Media Marketing

If you use Facebook as a business tool but your efforts have garnered little in the engagement department, you may ask yourself: “What’s missing?” Chances are, the appropriate question is not what’s missing, but instead, who’s missing. A Facebook business page can have beautiful graphics and consistent activity, but without personalized content, it’s not likely... Continue Reading

Etna Interactive

Oh, Gmail … What to do With the New Tabs?

Google is at it again! The company is making some major changes, and this time it’s with Gmail. Gmail users may have noticed their inboxes are now categorized into 3 different tabs: Primary, Social, and Promotions. “Designed to make your inbox more approachable, tabs organize your incoming mail into categories, giving you an at-a-glance look... Continue Reading

Etna Interactive

Lettering Logos

A graphic mark or emblem used by a business, organization, or individual to assist and promote quick visual recognition. Since the advent of desktop publishing the demand and recognition of lettering for logos has waned and yet as the digital world is cluttered with generic fonts and logos, those unique and custom drawn marks stand... Continue Reading

Etna Interactive

Strategizing for Social Media Success

One of the most common issues we face with social media is determining the return on investment for our clients. At Etna Interactive, we are a very data-driven marketing company. Any chance we have, we are collecting stats, monitoring Google Analytics, tracking site visitation, and — most importantly — pulling keyword rankings. With social media,... Continue Reading

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