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Leverage the scale of your regional or national medical group, expand visibility in Google search, and attract more patients.

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Do Less. Get More.

SILO integrates directly into WordPress—the world’s most popular website content management system—multiplying its capabilities. It empowers your team to update critical information about your providers, procedures, locations, promotions and more in one dashboard while changes cascade to every corner of your site. You can onboard a new provider—or entire practice—in virtually minutes.

While no tool can fully automate the effort required to build trust and authority in Google’s eyes, SILO automates many of the most complex technical optimization tasks so your site will rank higher for more of the services you offer in more of the markets you serve.

We built SILO specifically for medical practices, so you can trust that everything from the administrative interface to the front-end display on your website will be easy to use and directly relevant to your business.

Growth from using SILO on a website

Double digit visibility growth on Google within days of adding SILO to your WordPress site.

Chart of what structured data SILO uses

SILO Connects the Dots

It’s important to let patients—and search engines—know which providers perform which procedures at which locations. That’s no small task. Uploading and updating that information can be complicated, time-consuming, and expensive. And doing it the way Google wants you to do it—that's even trickier.

By presenting related data in a user-friendly consumer interface on your website, SILO helps prospective customers quickly find the information they need to navigate between people, places, procedures, and other FAQs types of related items.

With SILO, You Really Can Please Everyone

It's uncommon to find solutions that work for everyone. SILO is the rare tool that benefits practice team members, existing patients, target patients, and business stakeholders.

Amplify the effectiveness and accuracy of your team

SILO helps even the least tech-savvy member of your team to flawlessly add or update website data in minutes.

  • Simple checkboxes replace complex manual site updates
  • Fields tailored for medical website optimization prompt your team to ensure you never overlook information that will boost rankings
  • Specials and events display (and hide) at just the right times thanks to conveniently embedded scheduling tools

Attract targeted patients to all of your offices

Because SILO automatically loads advanced schema data onto your website that shows search engines the inherent relationships between people, places, procedures and other types of data, you’ll rank better for desktop, voice, and smartphone searches and drive organic traffic to your site.

Demonstrate more value to your stakeholders

SILO allows you to tailor how you present content for each provider and location. You can expand or restrict content, as the practice desires. You can run specials or promote events—for one location or the entire network.

  • The ability to run specials and events for one location, a group, or your entire network
  • Tools to help locations with greater growth needs attract more patients
  • Deliver the results your owners or investors expect

Deliver a better experience for your patients

With SILO, your site will become “location-aware,” dynamically guiding users to their nearest practice location through an interactive and familiar map widget and mobile-friendly interface.

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