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How Do AI & Search Engines Value Your Unique Credentials? 

There has been a recent surge in generative AI search engines, but what factors do they use to rank medical providers and how do they impact aesthetic practice marketing? Our CEO Ryan Miller outlines what generative AI actually knows about your practice, experience, and credentials, and how to appeal to these new search results and... Continue Reading

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Forecasting Plastic Surgery Lead Generation & Marketing Trends for 2024

What is plastic surgery demand going to look like in 2024? Our CEO Ryan Miller and COO Sean Collier come together to discuss plastic surgery demand trends from 2018 until now. They offer insightful analysis and highlight industry nuances to help you optimize plastic surgery lead generation and capitalize on marketing trends in 2024. Check... Continue Reading

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Plastic Surgeon Reputation Management: Building Trust & Enhancing Visibility

Table of Contents: Why Reputation Matters Statistics on Reviews and Consumer Behavior The Importance of Addressing Negative Reviews Be Sure You’re Present on These Trusted Review Platforms How Etna's Reputation Platform Can Help Make Your Reputation Your Best Marketing Tool In the competitive world of plastic surgery, reputation is crucial in attracting and retaining clients.... Continue Reading

Ten questions to ask when planning your online marketing strategy

Plastic Surgery Marketing Strategies: 10 Things You Can Do Today To Take the Lead

Tackling your plastic surgery marketing strategy can be daunting, but don't let it intimidate you. As a practice leader, you already have the knowledge to lead your strategic planning---really. This post will guide you through ten straightforward, do-able exercises that will help you replace your anxiety with excitement and eagerness to get your team working... Continue Reading

Industry Expert Series: Advice to amplify Aesthetic Revenues

Industry Experts Series: Advice to Amplify Aesthetic Revenues

In the latest installment of our Industry Experts Series, we had the pleasure of hosting Terri Ross, Founder and Co-CEO of Terri Ross Consulting. In this webinar, Etna CEO Ryan Miller and Terri discuss common inquiries we receive from aesthetic clinic leaders including best practices for pricing strategy and how to maximize revenues within the... Continue Reading

Building a Pipeline of Elective Surgery Patients

You’ve navigated the first stages of the pandemic and are finally able to look to the future. While you undoubtedly have a backlog of surgical cases eager to be scheduled, right now you have the time and availability to strengthen your own recovery. During this webinar, CEO Ryan Miller explores 6 things you should do... Continue Reading

3 Reasons Why Plastic Surgery Practices Are Experimenting With Snapchat

Here we are again! Another social platform has entered the scene and the industry is buzzing about what this means for plastic surgeons. The new platform is Snapchat! To the surprise of many of our clients, Snapchat isn’t actually that new. The social platform has been around since 2011 but is just starting to gain... Continue Reading

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Tactics to Increase Surgical Caseload: Three steps for plastic & bariatric surgeons to improve lead-to-consult conversion

SUMMARY: This article provides some great ideas to motivate your staff and help them make the most out of every phone and email inquiry by arming them with strategies to schedule more surgical consultations. It doesn't matter if your medical practice is primarily elective or insurance reimbursed. You will attract more clients and increase your caseload... Continue Reading

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