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Monthly Archives: October 2012

Are Search Engine Submission Services Worthwhile?

I’ve received more than a few emails from services offering to submit my site to thousands of search engines for under $100. Are these services worthwhile and will they help my search engine positioning? Yours is a great question.  I can’t believe it hasn’t come up before now.  E-mail solicitations like the ones you mention have been around as long… Continue Reading

Horizons in Online Marketing Part 1 of 6: Concierge Medicine

  In this first of six parts, Etna Interactive explores emerging trends in online medical marketing and strategies your practice can implement today to improve patient care and increase local market advantage. This first segment explores the emergence and evolution of Concierge Medicine and actions to consider today to leverage technology in the service of your patients. The first thing… Continue Reading

How do I update my password in Outlook?

How do I update Outlook after I reset my password? This post is for users of most versions of Microsoft Outlook.  If you are prompted by Outlook to re-enter your password follow the instructions below. Do You Know Your Password? If you already know your user name and password, or if you have recently reset your password by visiting,… Continue Reading

What’s a Quick Way to Improve My Search Engine Positions?

What’s a quick way to improve my search engine positions? We are often approached by clients in search of a quick fix to bring more traffic to their websites.  Somewhere along the line they’ve been led to believe that tweaking META tags or resorting to tricks might somehow manipulate the search engines and deliver improved search engine positioning. With over… Continue Reading

Too Much of a Good Thing

Is there such a thing as too much search engine optimization? Yes. What?  You want more than that? Heck, yes. We have always advocated for conservative optimization efforts that ramp up over time…for brief, accurate compelling TITLE’s and META information, for well written procedure pages with a clear call to action.  And there are plenty of other SEO experts blowing… Continue Reading

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