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Shawn Hall
Shawn Hall
Director of Technology

The world of technology is an ever-changing landscape of promises, standards, and ideas. The rules of the game change often, and sometimes without notice. Our team endeavors to understand and study these changes – to grasp their meaning and apply discernment to determine which ones matter.

The truths of last year are almost certainly not the truths of today, and diligently watching emerging trends is the key to not getting left behind. In some cases inaction can even be detrimental to the promotion and marketing of an online presence – such is the case with Google’s recent push, encouraging site owners to secure their sites with SSL.*

It is the charge of our team to anticipate trends, and when that isn’t possible, react to disruptive change with agility. We seek to provide stability where chaos is the dominating presence. Our medical and aesthetic marketing partners enjoy peace of mind, knowing that their technology needs are in good hands, and they can focus on the business of caring for their clients.

Dr. Robert Cohen
Marketing with Etna was very important in building and maintaining my large patient base. Even in a sub-optimal economy, my business has continued to grow and thrive with Etna's help."
Dr. Robert Cohen
Dr. Robert Cohen

Understanding the Technology

Technology is a large topic. It encompasses everything from the servers that host websites, to the firewall that protects them, to the software that makes it all work. But more importantly, it is the people who have developed the expertise to use all these tools to their greatest potential. Technology is powerful, but to be effective it requires the skill of a team that knows how and when to use it.

Our team is diverse with specialization, and Etna Interactive has been meeting the technology needs of aesthetic marketing clients for more than 20 years. Each team member supports our efforts in one of three areas:


A solid, redundant infrastructure is the first step in creating a reliable and secure environment for hosting websites – and security is critical in healthcare marketing. Our IT experts monitor the web servers that host all our clients’ websites for performance, up-time, and continuity of ancillary services.


Websites are built on top of many systems. Our engineers ensure that integration between these systems operate harmoniously and securely. Additionally, our engineers are responsible for developing new tools to improve the efficacy of existing systems. We can implement technology in ways that improve efficiency and save you time and money.


Our front-end developers are the experts that bring everything together. Leveraging the tools created within the team and collaborating with other teams to create the best possible user experience. It is here that everything comes together, assembled with the thoughtfulness of the entire organization.

We do uncommonly good work based on customized strategy, but that’s just the beginning.

The Etna Approach

Our Approach

Our technology team uses current, trusted standards to create an optimal platform for our marketing specialists to promote your online presence. Technology collaborates with the other Etna teams, and in many cases, are the primary implementers of the strategies developed by our content and marketing experts.

The members of the technology team are direct contributors to your online success through refinement and execution of several tactical efforts such as:

  • Optimizing key performance indicators that search engines use to measure trust, accessibility and speed
  • Building sites that are able to track each new inquiry and empower data-driven decisions
  • Structuring rich content to make it more accessible to search engines and consumers on different devices
  • Securing and protecting your brand with encryption; up-time monitoring; and thorough, proven best practices
  • Developing best-of-breed systems to enhance user experience and conversion rates

Technology is the vehicle by which your message is delivered to your audience. And the team at Etna is focused on building a reliable vehicle that you can count on. Whether it is showcasing your own expertise or capturing qualified leads, our team knows how to leverage the tools necessary to create the desired outcomes.

*SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a server and a client—typically a web server (website) and a browser

A Reputation Built on Results

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What to Expect

You deserve to know what you’re going to get from an online marketing partner, and we are happy to ease your mind by breaking it down for you.

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