Etna Interactive

Page Type Descriptions


Functional pages include graphical elements, lists, and links but do not feature original prose.


We republish existing content without editing or optimizing. We clean up the source code and style the content with 2 standard graphical features to match the new design.


We will take content from 2 or more existing pages on your site and work them into one seamless page. We will do a light edit to make sure it flows correctly and proper calls to action are included.


We proof, lightly edit, and optimize your existing content with keywords, calls to action, and enhanced formatting. We publish in the style of your new design, with 2 standard graphical features.


We author up to 250 words of original, optimized content and style the page with 2 templated graphical features which are standard across the site.


We author up to 500 words of original, optimized content and style the page with 2 repeated graphical features to match other pages on the site.

Deluxe I

We create a more sophisticated page consisting of 800-1200 words of original, optimized content with a unique brand edge. Content will feature the same standard graphical elements as other pages on the site, and up to 4 additional custom visual elements that drive engagement and support the page narrative.

Deluxe II

Our writers, designers, and developers will collaborate to create a compelling content experience featuring 800-1200 words of original content and supporting graphical content in a custom layout.

Custom Post Type

This page will be set up to allow you to add multiple posts which feed on to a single page, ordered and styled in a uniform way. We do no new copywriting, but will bring over any existing content to the updated page.

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