Your Medical Device Co-Marketing Kit — Making it Work for You

Medical device manufacturers need physicians to help promote their products. Physicians want your help doing that. A resourceful, dynamic co-marketing kit is essential to leverage that opportunity.
Our white paper is a practical guide based on experience and data developed during more than a decade of elective healthcare marketing. It explains why providing text, graphic and video assets accompanied by strategic assistance will sharpen your brand identity and boost revenues.

Your clients — physicians who already offer your device in their practices — offer multiple promotional platforms that go beyond a single website. Online newsletters, blogs, Facebook pages, Twitter accounts — these are content-rich links to patients that most practices have a difficult time keeping updated. Read our white paper to discover how you can set up a co-marketing kit that can routinely supply clients with targeted content. If you don’t have a current co-marketing kit, or your existing kit needs to be refreshed, our white paper is just what the doctor ordered.

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