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You deserve an online marketing partner that helps you achieve the kind of growth you want while delivering world-class customer service. At Etna Interactive, that’s what we do, but you don’t have to take our word for it. You can see what our partners have to say about us on the industry’s most popular ratings sites. Updated in real time using our own Reputation Management product, these reviews can give you a sense of what it’s like to partner with us for your digital marketing needs.

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Ryan is extremely knowledgeable and trustworthy! An all around decent guy with deep understanding of web and social media based marketing

I have been fortunate to sit in on Ryan Miller's presentations at the Vegas Cosmetic Surgery Meetings these past two years and can't say enough about how engaging a Speaker he is and how generous with his IP. His impressive knowledge of the Plastic Surgery space from a business and marketing perspective is phenomenal. Given I am in Australia its hard to feel connected but the regular news blasts are incredibly helpful. I look forward to having the opportunity to hear from Ryan at future events.

Nothing but amazing things to say about Ryan and his lectures at the VCS conference in Las Vegas! Could not WAIT to get back to the office to share all of the forward thinking information that we received!

I had the pleasure of hearing Ryan Miller speak this last week at the Vegas Cosmetic Surgery Conference. He shared several excellent presentations and helped to really highlight the importance of Social Media in our practices. I emailed him as soon as his presentation was finished and requested the slide deck from his presentation and some additional resources he had mentioned. I received an email back in less than 30mins providing the information I had requested. Very Impressed!

I am the Operations Manager for a relatively new plastic surgery practice in Kalispell, MT. I attended two of the lectures that Ryan presented last week at the VCS Conference in Las Vegas, and learned much needed information regarding optimizing RealSelf and using mobile devices for online marketing. Not only was I fortunate enough to have had that opportunity; our practice has worked with Etna over the past year creating a beautiful website!! They are an awesome company that obviously has had outstanding leadership and direction. I look forward to any future events that I might be able to learn more from Ryan and his team!

Ryan is great! I am a Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon. I have heard him speak at many meetings around the United States, most recently this weekend in Las Vegas. I approached him at the last meeting to inquire about working with his company, and he told me he limits his clients to a small number per city, and already had a Beverly Hills client. This remark told me that this company values each of their clients and isn't about numbers, rather quality. Sadly, it made me want to work with his company even more, as this was a testament to what the company stands for.

Thank you for a very enlightening Presentation at Vegas Cosmetic Surgery!

I had the opportunity to hear Ryan speak at the Vegas Cosmetic Surgery conference. I found his comments to be insightful, practical and easy to implement into our practice. He was also quick to respond when I requested the slides for his presentation.

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