Etna Interactive
709 Fiero Lane, Suite 43
/ San Luis Obispo, CA 93401
Tel (866) 374-3762
Fax (805) 543-2014

A great job in San Luis Obispo


Etna Interactive offers exceptional pay, outstanding retirement and healthcare benefits, a flexible time banking system with a European approach to paid-time-off, a progressive work culture, and the chance to work alongside an amazing group of women and men. If you’re smart, hard-working, quick-learning, fun and a good problem solver, you might have just met your match with Etna Interactive.

Positions Available

Considering Relocating?

Escape the traffic, the smog, and the rat race in general when you work for us in San Luis Obispo. Find a little peace and balance with a job that offers more than most corporate giants…but still remains within driving distance of San Francisco or Los Angeles.

Our happy town

If you live in San Luis Obispo, you happen to live in the happiest place in North America. Just ask Oprah or the writers at National Geographic. Honestly, it’s pretty amazing here. Check out this great article about San Luis Obispo County that was published by US Airways in 2011.

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