Dr. Fredric Brandt



If you're a celebrity or a skin care aficionado, Dr. Fredric Brandt needs no introduction. This dermatologist to the stars has one of the world's top-selling skin care lines and a roster of A-list clients that keeps his appointment book more than full. He has also assembled a team of some of the world's finest dermatologists in Dr. Fredric Brandt Dermatology Associates. The practice came to Etna seeking a site design that could bring new patients to the team and live up to Dr. Brandt's rock-star image.

A new look

In addition to being a pioneer in the world of cosmetic dermatology, Dr. Brandt loves art, fashion, and all things cutting-edge. The challenge in redesigning his practice website was to capture the eclectic personality of the skin care icon while simultaneously showcasing his remarkable team of doctors. We took cues from the practice location in Miami, as well as Dr. Brandt's personal aesthetic, and produced a website that is nothing less than stunning.

NY Residence

Miami Office

The 80's are alive and well!

The bold graphics and bright color palette may be reminiscent of a Nagel print, but don't be fooled - there's nothing retro about the functionality of this site. The dazzling animation that greets you on the home page makes it clear that this is not your grandmother's dermatology practice.

The copy is informative yet engaging, with powerful yet unnoticeable search engine optimization. The content credentials the dermatologists while paying homage to Dr. Brandt and his legacy. A prominently featured blog and social share functions compel you to interact, and let you know that this is a practice with an eye toward the future.

Dr. Brandt Skin Care


A fresh face

Inspired by the creative work we did for drfredricbrandt.com, Cosmetic Dermatology, Inc. approached us about polishing up Dr. Brandt's product site. We brought elements of the branding from the redesigned practice site to drbrandtskincare.com, and integrated the practice blog. This created continuity between the brands while preserving the unique features and functionality of the e-commerce site.

CDI was a true partner...collaborating with us on a fantastic design that’s sleek, beautiful and provides a great user experience."

Kurt Schulz
Director of Creative Services

Big time exposure

Times Square

Here at Etna, doing great work is its own reward. But seeing your work on a giant electronic billboard in Times Square is nice icing on the cake.

From small screen to jumbo screen

background image

This video we made for drbrandtskincare.com caught someone's eye, and they were so impressed, they decided to share it with all of NYC. Check it out for yourself.

Beyond websites

The creative services we provide for Dr. Fredric Brandt and his practice go beyond website design and Internet marketing. This advertorial for Miami magazine features brand messaging we crafted for the client, as well as design elements from the sites we created.

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