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Horizons in Online Marketing Part 1 of 6: Concierge Medicine


In this first of six parts, Etna Interactive explores emerging trends in online medical marketing and strategies your practice can implement today to improve patient care and increase local market advantage. This first segment explores the emergence and evolution of Concierge Medicine and actions to consider today to leverage technology in the service of your patients.

The first thing to explore is the meaning of Concierge Medicine. Wikipedia focuses on the recent concierge medicine model wherein patients pay a fixed fee to a primary care physician in exchange for enhanced care. This video looks 3-5 years in the future toward a more generalized opportunity for medical practices to offer premium service and enhanced patient convenience in pursuit of both enhanced compensation from cash paying patients and a sustainable competitive advantage.

Our predictions for the future of boutique or concierge medicine follow:

  • Your professional partners and patients will expect convenient any-time access data stored in electronic medical records systems, scheduling, and billing software using secure online systems;
  • Practices will embrace secure email and virtual consultations in response to growing security concerns, HIPAA mandates, and competitive forces; and
  • Care and customer service will be improved through automated reminders, either by text or email.

There are plenty examples of these broader predictions being tested today. Shortly after filming this video newsletter there was extensive coverage of California’s text4baby program designed to improve healthy behavior for expecting mothers.

But the question is how to capitalize on these trends without a state-sized budget. At Etna Interactive we’re recommending the following strategies in response to these three emerging trends.

Integrate Practice Management Software with Your Web Site

  • Talk with your practice management software company about modules to extend functionality and data collection to your Web site
  • Consider online integration carefully before your next software purchase

Embrace Secure Messaging

  • Decide if the timing and your circumstances warrant secure messaging
  • Try Google’s Postini for affordable, secure messaging

Automate Email & Text Reminders

  • Identify where you can help improve outcomes and patient care with automated reminders
  • Consider or competing services for appointment and birthday notices

What do you think the future of online medical marketing holds? Share your thoughts with the team at Etna Interactive on our Facebook page.

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