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New challenges and new opportunities to dominate Google’s first page

Over the past few months Google has kept us on our toes with several new updates that have created some challenges to maintaining/attaining first page ranking. However, these updates have also created some surprising opportunities.

In this video, I’ll explain 5 ways you can leverage the whirlwind of recent changes at Google to indirectly secure a first page ranking. No time for the video? Here’s the Cliff’s Notes:

  1. Embrace local optimization
    Local business listings continue to dominate search results. By optimizing your local listings, cultivating “citations,” and earning reviews on Google, you can secure a first page position in the local results.
  2. Focus on online reputation
    Rating and review sites like Yelp, Healthgrades, and Vitals are grabbing coveted top spots for local searches. Ensure you are found on these sites, and that you have a shining profile to attract new referrals through these popular portals.
  3. Consider new directory investments
    After nearly 2 years out of favor, many industry directory websites are recovering first page real estate. Our advice is to evaluate every directory investment withstanding; it may be time to consider expanding your directory investment.
  4. Public relations may pay dividends online
    Apparently, Google believes that the popular press should pick our doctors. Many local healthcare searches now include the likes of U.S. News’ Top Doctor feature in addition to the Top Doctor directories of the regional press. Earning mention in the local and national media was always a path to earning acclaim; it may also now be the path to Google’s first page.
  5. Introduce video for on-page interest
    Pages that contain specially embedded video are showing up more often, and with more prominence on Google’s first page. The case for embedded video content that enriches the on-page experience just got even stronger.

It’s worth noting that these changes have appeared slowly since late May 2013; and, there’s still a significant amount of volatility in the search engine results pages. The value and importance of optimizing your site remains paramount. And, while diversification may help your medical practice grow, the future of Google’s first page rankings are uncertain.

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