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A Great Client Request

As a project coordinator at Etna, I receive client requests daily from our account executives. However, every once in a while, a client will directly request a site update. I recently received one of the best, most thorough requests, so I had to brag.

This client really impressed me by providing me with the following:

Clear Identification

Right away, I knew exactly who this email was from. We get so many requests daily that any type of identification really helps speed up the process of getting your request to our internal teams.

A Specific Time Line

The second sentence in our client’s email indicated that this was urgent and needed to be done immediately. Knowing exactly when you need something completed allows me to tell our teams whether this is a priority or has a specific due date.

Which Websites

This client happened to have two websites to update, so including URLs helped me know what needed to be done on each site.


This client went above and beyond to explain what she needed. Each request had a screenshot with an arrow or circle calling out exactly what needed to be done. Usually, the “what” of my job is translating a client request to our internal teams. In this case, no translation was needed.

Numbered Requests

When a client is in need of multiple updates, any type of organization can help make the request clearer and easier to read through.

It is all in the details! I look forward to your next request.

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