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A Practical Guide to Offering Virtual Medical Appointments

For medical clinics considering offering virtual appointments to their patients, there are just a few practical hurdles to jump. In this 4-minute video, we’ll walk you through the 3 steps every clinic should take to not only prepare but ensure patients are protected.

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2 Responses to A Practical Guide to Offering Virtual Medical Appointments

  • Andrea Hickey says:

    If I do not have an EMR ( ie still paper charts) what do I look for for if I require a secure and encrypted document management system for transferring secure forms and photos (receiving and sending). I will be using Zoom for virtual visits?

    • eii-admin says:

      Great question, Andrea. In addition to EHR, some telemedicine platforms, and digital consultation aids (such as TouchMD) can support secure and encrypted file transfer. But if none of those are at your disposal, talk with your digital agency about implementing a form on your site that will encrypt in transit the email message and attached file contents. When implemented a key will be installed in your mail program to decrypt the message after it arrives.

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