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Adding Value With jQuery

jQuery is a Javascript library that is being used today on many websites. It has become popular because of the value it can add to a site and because of how easy it is to use.

Flash-Like Animations

Adobe’s Flash® has long been the industry standard for Web animations, but it has always been unable to be indexed by search engines. jQuery is HTML based, and search engines are able to read keywords, content, and so on that are important in today’s world of search engine optimization. Possibly more importantly, the iPad, iPhone, and many other mobile devices don’t support Flash. Most mobile browsers do support Javascript though, allowing for jQuery animations to be viewed on those devices. Check out this website for an example of Flash-like animation that was built all in jQuery by our own Kamil Baranowski.

Open-Source Community

Because jQuery is an open-source community, there are tons of free plugins out there. If it can be thought up, somebody has probably already built something similar. The library is simple enough that plugins can be modified to fit a user’s needs. This also means that there is a ton of support out there.

Cross-Browser Concerns

One of the most time-consuming things a Web developer must do is spend time checking and making sure sites work across all browsers. The developers behind jQuery have handled most of the dreaded cross-browser issues, saving developers a lot of that energy and time.

Easy to Use

Web languages can look like a foreign language to many people out there, including developers. The beauty of the library is that it’s relatively easy to use once you learn some of the syntax. jQuery takes some of the most complex code and makes it easier to read and implement.

These are just some ways jQuery can add value to a site. Clients can expect to see the Etna Web development team using the library to help create top-ranked sites.

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