Digging Out the Data: A Case for Measurement as a Core Company Value

When spreadsheets hit the fan. Digging out the data: a case for measurement as a core company value.
Sean Collier - Chief Operating Officer at Etna Interactive

“Make It Measurable” is one of Etna Interactive’s core values, and we take our values to heart! In our plastic surgery marketing agency, we find that this, along with our other values such as “Work with Purpose & Passion,” “Be Fair & Considerate,” “Do Uncommonly Good Work,” and “Play the Long Game,” make us successful in our work with our client partners.

Recently, our COO and self-proclaimed data nerd, Sean Collier, joined John Litterick, Professional Services Leader at automation platform Birdview, in a podcast to delve into the topic of making data-driven decisions. Listen to the podcast to learn more about our processes and how we measure success!

Listen To The Podcast

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