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Email Essentials Part 2: In Business, Email Content Counts

In part 2 of Email Essentials, I’ll explain why getting the content of your email correspondence right is so important. What you say and how you say it matters greatly to prospective patients who are evaluating your level of competence and professionalism.

Parts of a Professional Email

  1. Formal greeting
  2. Introduction
  3. Response to inquiry
  4. Soft self-promotion
  5. Invitation to the consultation
  6. Formal signature block
  7. Privacy notice


Be sensitive to potential privacy issues; keep it simple and neutral and avoid spam filter trigger words.


Greet the prospective patient personally in the salutation, and be sure to thank them for reaching out to the office.


In the body of the message you should clearly answer any questions that the prospective patient has. Additionally, be sure to outline the unique merit of your practice while ultimately inviting them into your practice for a consultation.


Signatures should include:

  • Name and title of person responding
  • Name of practice
  • Critical contact information

Privacy Notice

Make sure that your privacy notice addresses all current HIPAA requirements. You can talk with your Etna Interactive Account Executive about sample language for your privacy notice.

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