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Email Essentials Part 1: Email Etiquette for the Medical Front Office

A 2011 study that examined the email response patterns of 114 aesthetic clinics showed that 36% failed to respond to new patient inquiries. In part one of Email Essentials I’ll explain how improved email etiquette can help your practice better retain leads.

Email Etiquette

  • Respond promptly (within 5 minutes!).
    • You are 100 times less likely to connect with a lead if you wait 30 minutes or more.
  • Respond professionally.
  • Protect patient privacy (and the practice).

Understand the Context of Your Email

  • Your site will have multiple contact forms.
  • You will get email from multiple sources, and the sender may or may not have seen your site.
  • Different types of communications have different levels of urgency.

Craft a Professional Message

  • Open with a salutation and a personal greeting.
  • Author content that directly addresses the inquiry.
  • Use complete sentences with proper spelling and grammar, no CAPS.
  • Include a clear call to action.
  • Soft promotion for relevant content or opportunities is acceptable.
  • Close with your contact information.

Respect Patient Privacy

  • Include your privacy notice and disclosure language in all emails.
  • In the U.S., include minimal protected health information in replies.

Set an Email Policy for Your Practice

  • Ensure that staff understands the importance of email, and articulate expectations for email handling.
  • Assume that email might be read aloud in court.
  • Consider a formal policy.

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