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Focus on Phones

Just a few weeks ago I sat on hold for 22 minutes while returning a client’s call. 22 minutes and 12 seconds after dialing (I have a call timer on my office phone) I finally gave up and turned to email for my reply. If I had been a potential patient you can bet I would have hung up, in disgust, long before the quarter-hour mark.

I know you hear it all the time: your phone lines are the life-line of your business. But in this issue of our medical marketing newsletter we give you the tools and the direction to get off your heiny, diagnose any phone service issues, and fix them. Just click on the link to get started.


In the video I talk a bit about the value of our call tracking service. Please give us a ring if you would like more information about Call Tracking or if you are ready to activate your first tracking number. And, if you decide that you need professional help with staff phone training I recommend you contact one of these experts in the field:


As always, I wish you the best in your efforts to provide exceptional customer service to your patients.


Featured Project –

Dallas Rhinoplasty Web SiteEtna Interactive recently captured Dr. Steve Byrd’s dedication to the art and science of rhinoplasty at Procedure-specific sites like this one help to demonstrate a surgeon’s interest and experience in a particular procedure while also building credibility and providing a platform on which you can aggressively compete for related search rankings.


Ryan on the Road

I will be presenting at both the ASAPS meeting in May and the Facial Cosmetic Surgery meeting in June. Both meetings are being held in Las Vegas. If you plan to attend either meeting and would like to spend some time catching up and talking shop please email me or call 866-374-3762.

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