Google PPC: The Etna Difference

Google PPC: The Etna Difference

Like many practices, you may have given up on paid advertising (PPC), believing it just can’t work for your business. It’s true, Google PPC is a tough game to master, but Etna Interactive has a history of turning problems into opportunities for our clients. In fact, our seasoned PPC team consistently delivers returns of 5-to-1 or better for our paid advertising clients, with many seeing 10-to-1 and even reaching 24-to-1.

How do we do it? It really comes down to our team of experts. To start, they developed a predictive modeling approach that considers variables such as search volume, cost per click, CTR, and conversion rates for different service lines to minimize risk and optimize profit. Our advanced tracking provides solid data on PPC ROI. Trust us, we’ve done the math.

Our in-house team of PPC experts have a proven track record of growing healthcare businesses through PPC. Thanks to their efforts, Etna has been named a Google Premier Partner, which places us among the top 3% of agencies in terms of expertise, performance, and volume of Google ads.

So who are these geniuses who seem to have cracked the code on Google PPC? Stay tuned to find out through a series of upcoming posts introducing you to our talented team.

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