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Etna encourages content creation.  So what should you write about?

Recent changes in how search engines assign rankings mean that original and interesting content is more important than ever.  And with the advent of “authorship” on Google, healthcare professionals must embrace the fact that Google sees you as an author first and a doctor second.

Here are few ideas that you can use to inspire your writing.

Stories for the season.

Look for the chance to talk about a seasonally relevant storyline, like facelifts before wedding season, or giving surgery and aesthetic services before Christmas.

Causes for concern.

Examine the causes of things like aging, skin discoloration, or wrinkles and explain how a procedure works to counteract the cause.

Non-surgical solutions to fight aging.

Both consumers and major media outlets are hungry for information on how lasers, radio energy, minimal incision surgery, and injectables can be used alone or in combination to rejuvenate the aging face.

How plastic surgery impacts lifestyles.

Everyone is eager to understand what motivates men and women to consider cosmetic plastic surgery and how people’s lives are changed after their procedures.

Safety, risks, and complications.

On those rare occasions when elective surgery results in tragedy the media is quick to jump on issues of safety and the inherent risks and potential complications that come with cosmetic plastic surgery.  Articles can be an important call to articulate your own commitment to patient safety, and to educate consumers on how to make smart decisions.

Facts and figures.

For practices performing clinical research, share a consumer-friendly version of your findings as an article, blog post or press release.

Anything to do with age.

For a while there, stories about teens and plastic surgery were all the rage.  And recently we’ve seen stories about very mature men and women going under the knife.

Unmasking myth and misinformation.

We all know that the media and popular television routinely gives the wrong impression of medical procedures.  Take time to tackle misinformation and set your readers right.

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