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Looking Back Moves You Forward

As a project manager, my primary goal is to constantly improve production processes so that I can continue to meet — and hopefully exceed — internal and client expectations. Although there are many tactics to fulfilling this goal, I feel that a project post-mortem is the greatest opportunity at my fingertips and the most beneficial tool to my team and my clients.

What is a post-mortem?

A project post-mortem is a manager-led forum that allows us to uncover and document lessons learned that will help all of our teams run future projects and phases more effectively. It is also a venue for clearing up misunderstandings and discussing outstanding issues as well as focusing on the positives that led us to our successful outcomes.

So you want to see improvements now instead of waiting for your project post-mortem to occur…

Believe it or not, every project that we work on is an improvement from the last. In the background, I am working with our directorship to guide my project teams through updated processes, thus creating more meaningful user experiences and streamlining development practices in order to deliver projects at lower costs and higher quality. And while Etna has and will always strive to maintain client relationships through positive project experiences, we understand that the market is always shifting and expectations are always increasing. That is why we acknowledge that post-mortems are mandatory. Post-mortems help us stay ahead of the curve, giving us higher targets to aim at so that we can continue to deliver the best that is available in this digital space.

Sounds great … can I be involved in my project’s post-mortem?

Although Etna employs various tactics for garnering internal and client satisfaction on a project, we are completely open to having you involved in post-mortems. If you are interested in participating in one of these meetings, please reach out to your project manager so that we can get it on your calendar.

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