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Saving Money on Merchant Services

Like you, my business processes a fair number of high-dollar credit card transactions. Earlier this year I tasked Etna’s office manager with renegotiating the fees we pay for our merchant services. When our old processing company refused to reduce our fees, we decided to find a new provider. The move has saved us 24% on merchant fees and 90% on monthly service charges.

We shopped over 20 different merchant card services before switching to a company called Processing Point. In the last few months they’ve also helped a number of our clients, each projecting first year savings in the thousands of dollars.

If you are interested to see if you can save with Processing Point, call Mark Montaldi at 866-694-3603 extension 102. Mention Etna Interactive to have your first 4 months of statement fees waived.

No matter which company you choose for your merchant processing, it’s worth shopping your service to make sure you’re getting the best value and lowest fees possible.
Health Care for Everyone

Our latest charitable project is live and online. Visit to see the new site we’ve developed for Family Health Centers of San Diego. Established in 1970, FHCSD is working to ensure that everyone in San Diego has access to affordable, high quality healthcare. Want to know more? Check out their interactive history, one of the many helpful resources we added as a part of this complete site overhaul.

Etna donated more than 250 hours to design and program the new site, hoping to help the non-profit increase referrals, encourage donations, and better serve their population of patients in need. More impressive, our clients donated over 50 hours to help offset project costs.

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