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Email Marketing Part 2: Set Your Strategy

Email Marketing Part 2: Set Your Strategy

One study found that the average Internet user receives 42 unwanted sales emails every day. How do you stop your email newsletter from getting lumped in with these unwanted emails? It’s simple: give your clients a good reason to open your newsletter, and a good reason to keep an eye out for the next issues you send. Some questions to help you develop your email marketing strategy:

  1. Who are my readers?
    Are you writing for current clients, prospects, or both?
  2. Why do they care about what I have to say?
    Your clients are hungry for information that satisfies needs, solves problems, elevates status, or saves time and money. Deliver it.
  3. What is my distribution schedule?
    Set a schedule and stick to it. Follow a monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly distribution schedule to establish regular expectations with readers.
  4. Who will prepare my content?
    Be honest. Do you really have the time and experience to write compelling newsletter content 4, 6, or 12 times a year? If not, dial in our copywriting team.
  5. How will I measure success?
    Do you just want readers to learn your latest news, or are you looking for them to do something – like register for an offer or schedule a consultation? Implement ways to track critical information and encourage readers to provide feedback.

Once you’ve answered these 5 questions, the next step is to write a short “mission statement” that quickly explains the value of your newsletter. Here are some samples.

  • A medical spa with the goal of increasing product sales might promote their newsletter this way:
    How can one person make sense of the vast skin care universe? Our team of skin experts provides monthly advice, unmasking the myths and revealing the proven secrets of beautifying and age-defying skin care. Each issue includes exclusive discount offers on our staff’s skin care pick of the month.
  • A surgery center with the goal of cultivating word of mouth referrals might focus on supporting their clients’ need to be “on the inside” of cosmetic surgery:
    Get the inside scoop on cosmetic surgery, lasers, and the latest injectables. Every other month we’ll explore what the media missed and what your friends haven’t heard about the new trends in aesthetic medicine.”

Once you settle on your audience, your style, your schedule, and your success metrics, it’s time to start building your subscriber list. Continue your learning with the next article in this series, “Email Marketing Part 3: Build Your Audience.

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