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The Changing Face of Google’s Local Search

A whirlwind of changes that started in June of this year have altered the way Google displays its local search results. And, as the dust begins to settle, a new normal is emerging that will require a shift in your local marketing strategy.

The regional battle for first page rankings now involves fighting the Superpowers; national and regional power players now occupy more top rankings.

If you’ve no time for the video, take a look at the notes below to learn how you can stay on page one.

Adapting Tactics to the Changing Local Landscape

  • Focus SEO on your medical specialty and adjacent markets.
  • Expand your localized content by securing local and industry “citations” (that include your name, address, and phone number) that Google Maps can search.
  • Piggyback on the national domain authority websites.

New Opportunities for DIY Marketers

  • Focusing on cultivating reviews is more important than ever, and can have an effect on your local ranking.
  • Leverage local relationships and activities to earn citations, build new content, and get links from other sites in your market.
  • Expand localized content by talking about your efforts through social media, your blog, and so on.

Google has raised the Bar

  • Localized content and connections are more important than ever.
  • Service area businesses will have to work harder for exposure.

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