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What Your Closet Can Teach You About Web Marketing

Your clothes closet is a mangled mess again. Getting ready in the morning is a hanger-wrestling feat, and you’re afraid to let small children and pets near the closet doors in fear of losing them forever.

It’s time for a spring cleaning.

Like your closet, your website and its marketing tactics need some thorough attention. Swimsuit season hangs heavily on the horizon, and potential patients are ready for that treatment they’ve been considering. Before making an appointment, they’re jumping onto their computers and mobile devices to find their perfect experience.

Is your site ready for the season? Is it easy to find? Simple to navigate? And is it up to date?

Begin with these 3 strategies to get your website prepped to convert springtime visitors to consultations:

1. Turn Some Heads: Delivering a couple of suit-filled bags to Goodwill will make room in your closet for eye-catching styles. Eliminate unnecessary content or unneeded technical details from your site and polish your text and links to help your site be found (and be rewarded with high search rankings). Work with your Etna Interactive account executive to learn what new styles will catch Google’s eye.2. Organize Your Space: A well-organized website will encourage visitors to engage. (If you hang all of your slacks on one side of your closet, it’s easier to find the perfect pair, right?) Ensure any new content fits your site’s organization for the best user experience. Visitors will review and revisit your photo gallery. They’ll devour reviews and bios about your bedside manner. And they’ll request a consultation once they’re confident in your ability, your personality and the experience they’ll have before, during and after surgery.

3. Update Your Style: Your New Year’s special expired months ago. Offer your site visitors current, enticing specials. While you’re at it, update your staff pages with new team members and with current headshots of physicians and staff. Familiar faces help patients grow to trust you and your practice.

It doesn’t take much to make your website look and work sharp all year long, whether it’s spring or not. Regular updates to your SEO and content increase site traffic, keep visitors engaged and encourage them to request a service. Like with Spring cleaning, a little attention will go a long way.

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