Etna Interactive

What Happens After Launch

Once the site is launched, it’s time to enjoy the new aesthetic and SEO improvements that it brings!

Though your Website Project is considered closed at this point, Etna will still be working closely with you to provide support and execute strategic efforts as usual.

Here are some things that may arise immediately following your project launch and what to expect.


At this point, your Project Manager will monitor a few things behind the scenes of the launch process. They will no longer be reaching out on needed project items as the project is closing. For further support, your Account Executive will be your go-to for anything you may need.


Your Account executive will follow up with you to provide the following training associated with your new website if required:

  • Lead Management in Etna’s CORE system
  • Adding & editing before & after cases in your photo gallery
  • Updating select content on your website through WordPress Admin


Should you encounter any errors, omissions, or typos on your new site, you can submit a warranty repair request at no extra charge for up to 4 weeks after your site launch date. Simply alert your Account Executive of the issue found and they will initiate a request to have it remedied as soon as possible.

Post-Launch Maintenance

It is possible that things have come up during your site project that your Project Manager & Account Executive considered and decided should best be handled as a maintenance request after the site launch to preserve project budget & schedule. If this is the case with your project, your Account Executive will follow up with you to confirm these requests and get them initiated in a timely manner.


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