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Project Steps

Initiation Kick Off Call Description of what to expect on call. First step in the process. After this call, the team will provide a Creative Brief which … Site map review Reiteration of what was said earlier. Happens within 1-2 weeks of kick off call Creative Presentation Happens 2-3 weeks after Kick off call. Will... Continue Reading

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Your Role

You have an important role in your site project. The purpose of this section is to define your responsibility for each of these aspects of the project. Design Profile This document must be filled out and returned at least 3 days prior to the kick off call so our team can prepare for the call. If... Continue Reading

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Staging Site Review Guide

Accessing Your Site Your Project Manager will supply you with a URL as well as a login & password to your staging site. Simply navigate to the given URL and enter the credentials to gain access to your site. (Note that the login and password are case-sensitive so make sure to enter them exactly as... Continue Reading

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Your Site Launch – What To Expect

Congratulations! Your Project Manager has notified you that it’s almost time to launch your new site.  The launch of a new site is exciting news!  Your Project Manager provided a date for the launch, but not a specific time of day. We want to share a little more about the launch process, so you understand... Continue Reading

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What Happens After Launch

Once the site is launched, it’s time to enjoy the new aesthetic and SEO improvements that it brings! Though your Website Project is considered closed at this point, Etna will still be working closely with you to provide support and execute strategic efforts as usual. Here are some things that may arise immediately following your... Continue Reading

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Here are a list of terms that we may use throughout the project that you’ll want to familiarize yourself with. Assets Any photos, copy, or other content we may need to collect form you to complete the project. Design profile This is a document which your project manager will provide you at very beginning of... Continue Reading

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